MLR 023Arv & MiljöSvensk Sommar I Stilla Frid
LP (MLR 023)

Released on October 26, 2018.

The 7 compositions on Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid further explores the home-brewed, on-thin-ice ambient hinted at on a few recent Arv & Miljö recordings. Mainly inspired by Anna Själv Tredje and perhaps the lesser sides of Ralph Lundsten and such, this is the Gothenburgian outsider synth album no one certainly ever asked for. While at this time around being somewhat fully rooted in a proposed tradition of Swedish new age electronics, an ongoing heavy obsession with New Zealand lathe cuts and whatnot is more evident than ever throughout the stumbling kosmische musik. Though the attitude and approach towards the general fidelity and production might be forever lost in the barely functioning 4-track/everything-fucking-goes swamp, this is at the same time arguably the most fully realized and cohesive album yet from the very much ungovernable Arv & Miljö. An ode to past, present and future Swedish summers, the shimmering harmonies paint pictures of sleepless nights walking through foggy July fields as the sun sets. Cold summer days spent outdoors and warm days not spent at all. Blast with your windows open. Featuring guest appearances from Korea Undok Group, Charlott Malmenholt and Stefan Christensen. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Pressed in 300 copies.

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MLR 022Finn Loxbo / Karin JohanssonVent LP/CD (MLR 022)

Released on September 28, 2018.

”in a rain forest of moments. the eye hears what the ear sees. through each moment of karin johansson’s and finn loxbo’s music runs the firm conviction that all points and layers of sound – in true democratic spirit, carry the same weight. or lightness. as precise as scattered bird calls may be crucial to the totality and the outcome of the drama as a whole, as cautiously do they take care of the phrased line by being extremely exact with the gaps and the charged rest, where that very thing appears in just the right moment. an archetypical weave of strings being pulled and plucked further into our audible and visible listening. as a natural relief, the metal tongues from the accordion emerge and end up in new weightless states together with electronics and space. to suddenly whirl on in a dance for prepared piano and guitar that later just disappears out in the impossible where everything before was possible for thirty-one minutes and one second.”

– Sten Sandell, Stockholm May 2018

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MLR 021Luft (Mats Gustafsson & Erwan Keravec)Volume One: Inhale LP/CD (MLR 021)

Limited to 500 (LP)/350 (CD).

Released on February 23, 2018.

”The debut record of LUFT – is a two volume album of exceptional explorations within the bagpipe and reed universe —— unknown music of poetic beauty and high energy cascades. Fast moving changes in texture and layers vs static repetitions and alternatives densities and melody treatments!

Vol 1 – is focusing on the interaction between the two persons/ instruments – with a huge variety in extended techniques and various ways of treating
the instruments – leading to an improvised music never heard of.

Vol 2 – is focusing on states of the mind. slow moving micro tonal drone activities and layers of interferences. Sounds mixing and melting together in a body of musical poetry and beauty.”

– Mats Gustafsson feb. 2018

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MLR 019DoglifeFresh From the Ruins LP (MLR 019)

Released in November 2017.

Second LP from the Freejazz-trio Doglife.

Anna Högberg: Saxophones
Finn Loxbo: Electric Bass
Mårten Magnefors: Drums

Dog Life explores free improvised music on a high-energetic plateau, descending from the outskirts of free jazz, and further towards a harder, darker and undefined terrain. Their debute album was critically acclaimed in Europe as well as in the US. On their new album Fresh From the Ruins, Doglife continue to push the freejazz-punk limits and sets out new directions with elements of doom and noise.


MLR 020NeutralNär Mini-LP (MLR 020)

Limited to 300 copies.

Released in October 2017.

”A troubled 8-track mini album that stayed on the other side of the Atlantic for a bit before returning firmly to the Omlott headquarters. Meanwhile, the band kept busy doing one-off shows in the US and micro-tours with Lydia Lunch in between the occasional shows in Belgium and Sweden. If you seen Neutral live during the last few years, chances are good that you already heard tracks like ’Du’ and ’Köldgatan’, both already prominent parts of their live set. The opener ’Du’ is a wonderful take on Chris Knox’s everlasting ’Not Given Lightly’, arguably the strongest love song ever written, though respectfully mangled through the Neutral filter. Recorded hot on the heels of the second album, the duo almost completely abandons the guitars on När in favour of synths and electronics. The pace is traditionally slow and moody and the mumbled kitchen sink realism is forever, yet När could very well be the most melodic and direct recording we’ve heard from the band.”

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MLR 018Enhet För Fri MusikDet finns ett hjärta som för dig LP (MLR 018)

Limited to 300 copies.

Released in July 2017.

”I had the pleasure to meet the whole band (that’s Hugo Randulv, Sofie Herner, Gustaf Dicksson, Dan Johansson and Matthias Andersson) a couple of weeks ago. In all honesty I can’t really decide if it really was a pleasure, but an interesting gathering no matter what. /…/ What I did get, however, and that’s solely from letting this album become an integral part of my life and not so much from my few conversations with the band members, is that this is one of the most wonderful albums I’ve ever heard from Sweden.

People will try hard to figure this one out in the future. A comment on a welfare system collapsing? Just a glimpse into the creators’ childhood memories of rainy summers cut-jumping back and forth to scenes of cases of 3.5% beer smashed on the concrete behind the Sibylla, neverending confirmation camps, virginities forever lost and trimmed mopeds disappearing in the morning fog? The letting go’s and the joys and the sorrows of it all.”

– Efraim F. Ponteus


MLR 016/017Konstrukt with Alan Wilkinson, Alexander Hawkins & Daniel SpicerLotus 2LP (MLR 016/017)

Limited to 300 copies.

Released in July 2017.

Konstrukt has made contact with both Alexander Hawkins and Alan Wilkinson during their presence at Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf in 2013 where the band performed for the second time in Austria after Saalfelden Jazz Festival with Marshall Allen in 2011. All three parts were excited and have agreed to get together sometime in the future.

The result was a night of music with high energy and a wide musical perspective. From drum&bass to ethnic funk vibes, from straight free jazz bursts to spiritual chantings, the whole performance here shows a wide range of outer wordly aspects of all musicians present. Konstrukt is very grateful to be able to work with Omlott again on this recording, after their first collaboration with Joe McPhee on their critically acclaimed If You Have Time LP.


MLR 015Biggi Winkeloe BandAura Via Appia CD (MLR 015)

Limited to 200 copies.

Released in March/April 2017

The Biggi Vinkeloe Trio has been founded back in 1990 in Cologne, Germany and has toured and recorded in Europe and North America. The Trio has featured great bassists, such as Peter Kowald, Barre Phillips and Peter Friis Nielsen. Peeter Uuskyla, the drummer is most known for his work with Peter Brötzmann, the bassist Roberto Bellatalla is a long time member of the Louis Moholo´s Viva-La- Black. The new Biggi Vinkeloe Band´s album Aura Via Appia, recorded in Rome, Italy on October 6, 2016 is launched by Omlott in March/April 2017.

“This band creates beautiful, energetic, wild and colorful soundscapes” – Peeter Uuskyla

Biggi Vinkeloe: Alto Saxophone, Flute
Roberto Bellatalla: Double Bass
Peeter Uuskyla: Drums, Bells, Album Production
Nema Vinkeloe: Violin, Voice
Simon Uuskyla: Voice

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Angles 9
Equality & Death / Pacemaker 7″ (MLR 7004)

”Angles 9 7 inch single will be launched by Omlott in November/December 2016.
The two songs on the single is a raw extract from a much larger recording session (with a later release date) made in May 2016 in Sickla, Stockholm by Anton Sundell.

Anton Sundell is also responsible for the very literal cassette approach we can hear here; very sharp, loud and punchy and with a lot of wit thrown into the vortex of this mad mix! With members from all over the place; from Fire trio, Atomic, Subtropic Arkestra, Je Suis, Team Hegdal, Oddjobb, Per Texas Johansson 4tett, All Included….Angles 9 make a music that really stands out. For what it is worth.

”Equality & Death (mothers, fathers where are ye?) ” is a desperate kick in the global totalitarian face.
”Pacemaker” is about young and old – to keep the pace, ad infinitum….

Andreas Werllin, Johan Berthling, Goran Kajfes, Alexander Zethson, Magnus Broo, Mats Äleklint, Eirik Hegdal, Mattias Ståhl and Martin Küchen invites you to the musical putsch of the year!

WELCOME!” – Martin Kuchen 2016

Bass – Johan Berthling
Drums – Andreas Werliin
Percussion – Mattias Ståhl
Piano – Alexander Zethson
Recorded By, Mixed By – Anton Sundell
Saxophone – Eirik Hegdal, Martin Küchen
Trombone – Mats Äleklint
Trumpet – Goran Kajfes, Magnus Broo

Limited to 200 copies. Comes in handmade covers in different colour variations.


Thomas E. Frank
Tre Månader LP/CD (MLR 014)

Limited to 500 (LP)/200 (CD).

”Listening to Thomas E. Frank’s debut solo album for the first time, I’m amazed at how recognizable and familiar it sounds. Not in the heard-it-a-thousand-times-before kind of way, but more in how direct and self-evident every single one of the 12 tracks is. Genuinely timeless stuff with songs that should have been written some 40 years ago but weren’t. It’s hard to avoid mention the mothership Den Stora Vilan, the band that Frank is more known from, but while there may be sonic similarities this solo endeavor stands completely on its own two steady legs.

Multi instrumented with a sound palette including guitar, pedal steel, piano, organ, tambourine, 12-stringed guitar and synths, the 12 tracks lingers and fumes in a landscape paved by all the Astral Weeks, On The Beach and Blood On The Tracks of the world. This while never neglecting the Swedish past and yet never feeling old whatsoever. A mesmerizing and massive effort with plenty of songs that you can’t believe you have been managing life without. Sounds like a perfect album? Well, it pretty much is. Sandwiched between the previous Omlott releases, like the Brötzmann live recordings and the bleak, slice of life noise rock of Neutral, the album both makes sense and stands out. ”

Matthias Andersson, Gothenburg 2016

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mlr7003OUT NOW!
KarkhanaNafas / Nefes 7″ (MLR 7003)

Bendir, Percussion – Umut Çağlar
Drums – Sharif Sehnaoui
Organ, Synth – Maurice Louca
Oud – Sam Shalabi
Recorded By – Fadi Tabbal
Trumpet, Synth, Artwork By – Mazen Kerbaj

Combining some of the most innovative players from each of three cities (Beirut – Cairo – Istanbul), Karkhana met in Beirut for the first time in February 2014 with the very ambitious aim to bring together elements from the three major experimental music scenes of the area. The band’s music strives to create a unique musical blend combining free jazz and psychedelic with various shades of ethnic and traditional music, traces of shaabi, tarab… Building on the multi-instrumental capacities of its members, the group tries to create an atmosphere full of surprises for both the listeners and the performers themselves, developing what could possibly be called a “Free Middle-Eastern Music”.

Limited to 300 copies.


Thomas E. FrankTre månader LP (MLR 014)

Brötzmann/UuskylaHoly Drinker 7″ (MLR 7002) Buy Sold out

Brötzmann/UuskylaA Crack To Beauty LP (MLR 013)

music by Peter Brötzmann tenor sax, tarogato and Peeter Uuskyla drums
recorded live in concert at Folk, Gothenburg, Sweden February 12, 2015

Peter Brötzmann and Swedish drummer Peeter Uuskyla, a veteran of saxophonist Bengt Nordström’s groups, first recorded together in 1999 with bassist Peter Friis Nielsen, and have since met numerous times in trio and duo settings. Previous to A Crack to Beauty was a 2LP set: Red Cloud on Silver, on the young Swedish label Omlott, which has also released Uuskyla’s solo music as well as reissuing part of their previous duo disc, Born Broke, as a single LP titled Dead and Useless. Uuskyla is an incredibly limber drummer, economical and swinging in constant funky inversions that ratchet the saxophonist towards a jittery stratosphere. That’s not to say that Uuskyla can’t embrace the calm, metallic ache that pervades Brötzmann’s music, matching bitter pathos with brushy piles and accented silence. On the second movement of the title piece, unaccompanied tenor – the theme for Fred Hopkins that Brötzmann often references – appears midway through, before Uuskyla answers with darting rollicks. It’s a plaintive respite amid sheer, rolling, grooving sound. Brötzmann’s largesse is given a thick, expertly carved pathway here, and though he’s found numerous long-term drummer partners over the decades, each bringing something different to the whole, this particular pairing is one that I find extremely rewarding.
Clifford Allen, Ni Kantu on Red Cloud on Silver (Omlott MLR 006/7) 2015

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Bengt ”Frippe” NordströmNow’s the time / Solo Fripping 7″ (MLR 7001)

Same recordings as the bonus 7″ included with Winged Body but this comes in 50 copies with handmade covers. You better be quick on this one.

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NeutralNeutral – LP (MLR 012)

We are very proud to release the new Neutral LP! It will arrive in March so here´s your chance to get your copy before it sells out. LP comes in heavy gatefold cover. Limited to 500 copies.

We will ship the same day it arrives to us from pressing.

In a sweaty art space open to no one and just a stone’s throw away from the Utmarken venue where it all in more than one way kind of began, Neutral did their first show in front of maybe 25 people. The free jazz drummer Peeter Uuskyla opened the night with a shimmering set of absurd, life-elevating bliss and Neutral just ripped it all apart. There and then sort of Gothenburg underground ground zero, or more like ground nothing. New beginnings and grey waves of something very exciting. It’s been close to 2 years now but it’s one of those nights that I will remember forever. Since then I’ve seen Neutral on several occasions and it’s always been a pleasure, always refining their craft but at the same time shredding the improvement to tiny pieces with every heartbeat. It’s like they are taking one step forward and two steps back with every minute they produce, and in a very rare and weird way getting better and more interesting doing so.

The untitled second album, following up Grå Våg Gamlestaden (Omlott, 2014), does just that. It takes everything that made the debut album so special and puts it in a rusty meat grinder, taking a piss on the deconstructed mess and puts it together again, piece by piece. The formula might be almost identical, but the final outcome is different. Where the debut was immediate and fairly easy to resonate with, the new album is almost impossible to penetrate at first. You can sense that there’s something resembling a ragged beauty somewhere, but it’s hard to reach. It’s like Neutral deliberately placed various obstacles along the way, fucking with everyone’s expectations and rightfully so. Still, after each time spent with those 35 minutes things will slowly unfold themselves and there you are, pleased with one of the most fully realized and beautiful recordings to ever come from the shitfaced Utmarken camp of misunderstood geniuses. Yeah, I actually heard them all. Neutral manages to connect the dots between everything from Chrome and Siltbreezian gold from the 90’s to the more experimental sides of Dome, while throwing in some tape work that could only originate from Gothenburg and brutish guitar playing bringing JFK, Skullflower and maybe even rock-era Ramleh to mind at times. Let’s not forget the mysterious field recordings scattered along the way, and Sofie Herners dry, talked vocals, leading at least this listener to the realization that there’s no end to this fucking winter.

– Matthias Andersson, January 2016

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Anna HögbergAttack – LP/CD (MLR 011)

Anna Högberg – alto saxophone, Elin Larsson – tenor and soprano saxophone, Malin Wättring – tenor and soprano saxophone, Lisa Ullén – piano, Elsa Bergman – bass, Anna Lund – drums

Attacking the now. The instant. The music. Attacking your image of what. Is. Music. Attacking the past. The history. What is now. Attack is all. Don’t hold back. Ever.
Curiousness and initiative is all. And attack. The attack mode.
6 Swedes attacking it all with a front of 3 sax players not holding back.
Attacking the mystery of it all. 6 defined personalities and creative voices with feet and
minds in jazz, improvised music and related experimental matters.
Togetherness. A real unit of creativity. Of poetic beauty.
Anna Högberg as a modern free jazz standard bearer keeping it all together – her rich alto sax leading the ensemble into layers of high octane outbursts and sensational melodic
variations. Her tone being able to cut landscapes open, to melt your brain as we know it.
Check the two tenor sax axes out! Elin Forkelid Larsson and Malin Wättring knows how to attack matters – how to structure solos and ensemble work with intense warmth and melodic
beauty. Seldom have I heard such warm and rich sounding tenors in Scandinavia. The time is here. The attack attack!
Drummer Anna Lund punctuating the flow… attacking it all. Laying fundaments of possibilities for the others. The attack attack!
Pianist Lisa Ullén adding her thorny, but detailed phrases to the picture. The picture of the attack attack.
And last but not least. The attack attack of deep sounding bass maestro Elsa Bergman. With an unusaul imagination of how to position her own language and bass lines into a collective
of attacking free jazz. Freeing the jazz. Attacking the jazz.
The attack attack!
/Mats Gustafsson


mlr010OUT NOW!!!!
Peeter Uuskyla featuring Bengt ”Frippe” NordströmWinged Body – LP + 7″/CD (MLR 010)

Simon Cecil: vocals on LP side A1, A2, Nema: vocals on LP side A1, A2, violin A3, A4, side B, Bengt Nordström: tenor sax on LP side B and 7″ side A, clarinet on 7″ side B, Peeter Uuskyla: voice and drums on LP side A and B, drums on 7″single side B, Björn Alke: bass on 7″ single side B

Archaic Sounds, Natural Music & Joy

This album is about a way to simply make raw, basic, natural and joyful music.

This album is also about and with the Swedish saxophone visionary Bengt Nordström, ”Frippe” who first of all talked to me about making and playing natural music.

The legend of Bengt Nordström (1936-2000) tells how he picked up the clarinet and the saxophone after being deeply touched by the music of Tony Scott and Sonny Rollins.
Then meeting Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler changed his musical vision; so much that he no longer fit into the contemporary jazz scene in Sweden. Frippe spoke of a totally spontaneous, improvised, creative music at a time when everyone else was trying to master
bebop. Because of this, he was left to play alone for many years. He became ”the outsider”; that nobody wanted, or had the nerve to play with. During intermissions at clubs, like the ”Golden
Circle”, he took the opportunity to play small solo concerts and recorded himself.

He released small editions of his work on his own ”Bird Notes” label. Although the recordings were mostly solo sax, on rare occasions, he was joined by Don Cherry on trumpet, bassist
Sven Hessle or bassist Björn Alke who would show up to play duets with him. His collection had two releases: Albert Aylers; ”Something Different!!!!!!” (BNLP 1) and Bengt Nordströms
own; ”Natural Music” (BNLP 2). The other recordings were not numbered or catalouged but were released as LPs and EPs.

It was not until the mid 70s that Bengt Frippe Nordström formed his own band, the ”Miljövårdsverket”. After some years of trying different constellations, the musicians, bassist Björn Alke (1938-2000), violin player Lars Svanteson (b. 1949) and myself, drummer Peeter Uuskyla (b. 1951), became established as a ”working unit” and cut the albums ”Now ́s The Frippe Time” (Dragon Records DRLP 82), ”The Environmental Control Office” (Ayler Records aylCD-021/022), ”Frippe ́s Protocol” (aylDL-086) and ”Creative
Addition” (aylDL-116).

This album is also about me talking to my children Nema (b. 1993) and Simon Cecil (b. 1990) to continue making natural music with your own voice, body and whatever music instruments you use. This album is recreated, created and recorded 2015, 7″ vinyl side A recorded 1967 and side B recorded 1987. Hope you like it!

Peeter Uuskyla

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Konstrukt & Joe McPheeIf You Have Time (MLR 009)

New studio album with Joe McPhee (US) and Konstrukt (Turkey)

Limited to 400 copies, hurry up!