mlr021Luft (Mats Gustafsson & Erwan Keravec)Volume One: Inhale LP/CD (MLR 021)

The debut record of LUFT – is a two volume album of exceptional explorations within the bagpipe and reed universe —— unknown music of poetic beauty and high energy cascades.

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mlr020NeutralNär Mini-LP (MLR 020)

A troubled 8-track mini album that stayed on the other side of the Atlantic for a bit before returning firmly to the Omlott headquarters.När could very well be the most melodic and direct recording we’ve heard from the band.

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mlr019DoglifeFresh From the Ruins LP (MLR 019)

On their new album Fresh From the Ruins, Doglife continue to push the freejazz-punk limits and sets out new directions with elements of doom and noise.

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mlr018Enhet För Fri MusikDet finns ett hjärta som för dig LP (MLR 018)

A comment on a welfare system collapsing? Just a glimpse into the creators’ childhood memories of rainy summers cut-jumping back and forth to scenes of cases of 3.5% beer smashed on the concrete behind the Sibylla, neverending confirmation camps, virginities forever lost and trimmed mopeds…?

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mlr016017Konstrukt w/ Alan Wilkinson, Alexander Hawkins & Daniel SpicerLotus 2LP (MLR 016/017)

From drum&bass to ethnic funk vibes, from straight free jazz bursts to spiritual chantings, the whole performance here shows a wide range of outer wordly aspects of all musicians present.

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mlr015Biggi Vinkeloe BandAura Via Appia CD (MLR 015)

The Biggi Vinkeloe Trio has been founded back in 1990 in Cologne, Germany and has toured and recorded in Europe and North America. Aura Via Appia, recorded in Rome, Italy on October 6, 2016 is launched by Omlott in March/April 2017.

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mlr7004Angles 9Equality & Death / Pacemaker 7″ (MLR 7004)

The two songs on the single is a raw extract from a much larger recording session (with a later release date) made in May 2016 in Sickla, Stockholm by Anton Sundell. With members from all over the place; from Fire trio, Atomic, Subtropic Arkestra, Je Suis, Team Hegdal, Oddjobb, Per Texas Johansson 4tett, All Included….

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mlr014Thomas E. FrankTre Månader LP/CD (MLR 014)

Genuinely timeless stuff with songs that should have been written some 40 years ago but weren’t. It’s hard to avoid mention the mothership Den Stora Vilan, the band that Frank is more known from, but while there may be sonic similarities this solo endeavor stands completely on its own two steady legs.

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mlr7003KarkhanaNafas/Nefes 7″ (MLR 7003)

Karkhana met in Beirut for the first time in February 2014 with the very ambitious aim to bring together elements from the three major experimental music scenes of the area. Limited to 300 copies.

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mlr7001Brötzmann/UuskylaHoly Drinker 7″ (MLR 7002)

Limited to 150 handmade covers. Contains two tracks from the live-LP/CD A Crack To Beauty.


mlr013Brötzmann/UuskylaA Crack To Beauty LP (MLR 013)

Music by Peter Brötzmann tenor sax, tarogato and Peeter Uuskyla drums
Recorded live in concert at Folk, Gothenburg, Sweden February 12, 2015. Available for pre-order now.

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mlr7001Bengt ”Frippe” NordströmNow’s the time / Solo Fripping 7″ (MLR 7001)

Same recordings as the bonus 7″ included with Winged Body but this comes in 50 copies with handmade covers. You better be quick on this one.

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mlr012NeutralNeutral – LP (MLR 012)

The untitled second album, released in March. Available for pre-order now. Limited to 500 copies.

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mlr011Anna HögbergAttack – LP/CD (MLR 011)

6 Swedes attacking it all with a front of 3 sax players not holding back. Attacking the mystery of it all. 6 defined personalities and creative voices with feet and minds in jazz, improvised music and related experimental matters.

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mlr010Peeter Uuskyla featuring Bengt ”Frippe” NordströmWinged Body – LP + 7″/CD (MLR 010)

This album is about a way to simply make raw, basic, natural and joyful music. Gatefold cover. Limited to 300 copies (LP) / 200 copies (CD).

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mlr009Konstrukt & Joe McPheeIf You Have Time – LP (MLR 009)

New album with Joe McPhee (US) collaborating with Konstrukt (Turkey). Gatefold cover. Limited to 400 copies.

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mlr008SpjärnsvalletAgain & Again – LP (MLR 008)

Features alt takes from the recording session of ”Spjärnsvallet, MNW 57” from 1975, and a new recorded song from 2014. LP comes in heavy gatefold cover. Limited to 300 copies.

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mlr0067Brötzmann/UuskylaRed Cloud on Silver – 2xLP (MLR 006/7)

Recorded Live at Nefertiti, Gothenburg 2014. Limited to 300 copies.

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mlr005Dog LifeDog Life – LP/CD (MLR 005)

LP with Swedish free jazz trio Dog Life Anna Högberg: Saxophones, Finn Loxbo: Electric Bass and Mårten Magnefors: Drums. LP comes in heavy gatefold cover. Limited to 300 copies.

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mlr004NeutralGrå Våg Gamlestaden – LP/CS (MLR 004)

LP comes in heavy gatefold cover. Limited to 200 copies on LP / 100 copies on cassette.

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mlr003Brötzmann/UuskylaDead and Useless – LP/CD (MLR 003)

Material originally included in the double-CD Born Broke which has been remixed and re-edited for this vinyl release. LP comes in heavy gatefold cover. Limited to 500 copies on LP and 300 copies on CD.

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mlr0012Peeter UuskylaDaydreaming Nerves – 2LP/CD (MLR 001/2)

Swedish drummer Peeter Uuskyla performs all alone on this double-LP. His primal, natural, basic, archaic music is illustrated by Johannes Brander´s cover art. LP comes in heavy gatefold cover. Limited to 300 copies on LP and 200 copies on CD.

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